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About Us

How we got started helping seniors

Generational Transitions of Florida is dedicated to empowering aging adults and their families through some of life’s most difficult seasons. Whether researching available social services or helping clients downsize, declutter and transition into a new home, we have a team of highly trained senior advocates who are ready to help. 

Ken’s personal and professional experiences were the motivating factor behind starting Generational Transitions of Florida. After graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University, where he was recognized for academic excellence, Ken served in many professional and private sectors. Throughout his career, his devotion to kindness and compassion has endeared him to the hearts of thousands.  

When asked why he started this business, Ken explained that it all started with one telephone call from his mother. After tragically losing her husband (Ken’s father) to a swimming incident, Karen Cook, a maturing widow who happens to be blind, found herself all alone and needing to make decisions in areas she knew nothing about. 

On this occasion, her sewer system was clogged and she needed immediate help. She did what any of us would do, she called a local plumber. He arrived on site and insinuated the job would be rather quick and he would be on his way. What was supposed to be an hour long process turned into 3 long weeks of chaos and left her with a bill of $40,000. 

It’s with this story in mind that Ken and Julie work compassionately and collaboratively with each client to ensure that Generational Transitions advocates for and assists seniors with the highest level of integrity.

Our Team

Benjamin Pooler

Director of Operations

I've been a leader all my life. I led in the classroom and on the football field. One of my greatest leadership roles is helping seniors make important decisions concerning their future. As a business owner, I value greatness and integrity. I'm ready to help you take the next steps whether it's renovation, relocation or remodeling. 

Amy Quinones

Project Manager/Consultant

With a background in architecture and finances, I enjoy serving my senior friends in many areas. From staging your home, painting it, or redesigning your living space, I am confident that we can work together to make your life better! I have the passion and the training to help you live your best life now.

Abby Quinones

Client Care

I’ve always wanted to help others, as long as I can remember. Although my first passion is nursing and medicine, I also love to serve the senior population in any way possible. I bring a wide array of real-life experiences and certifications to the team at GT. I look forward to helping you clean, organize, install safety devices, set up estate sales, and redistribute family heirlooms. Let’s work together for healthier, happier life.

Santi & Melissa Ramos

Senior Relocations, De-cluttering, Cleaning & Trash Removal

Proud parents of four girls and owners of a thriving business, we bring a work ethic of excellence to this team. If your home needs to be cleaned, we are ready to help. Whether downsizing or in need of safety feature installations, we are trained professionals who have a passion to make sure your home is clean, organized, and free of clutter. We are ready to see that smile back on your face! 

Trenton Hughes

Senior Relocation Specialist

 As an accomplished professional athlete, I know what it takes to work hard, stay focused and get the job done with excellence. Teaming up with Generational Transitions as a Senior Relocation Specialist has allowed me to share my passion for serving and protecting the senior community.

Chris Pooler

Senior Relocation Specialist

I am a lead recruiter in the automotive industry and place great focus on communication and character assessment. I enjoy basketball, networking, and helping seniors make wise decisions. If you are having communicating difficulties with other businesses, paying bills, or just need a friend, I’m ready to step in. I look forward to earning your trust in one of the toughest times of life.